According to Sasson, having a variety of options is important in any healthy diet.

First, because it’s easier to include a flexible diet in your
routine than something very restrictive; it also minimizes
the stress that eating can become in strict diets. A study by
Weight Watchers indicated that people who chose more
open diets were more successful in achieving healthier
A study with 173 obese women between 20 and 25
years showed that simply changing soda for good
old water, without any dietary changes , already
helps and a lot in weight loss .
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Yes, it’s true: your
intestinal flora plays an important role in weight
loss and on the path to a healthier life. Do you want
to make life easier for the bacteria that live in your
stomach? Eat fruits, vegetables, chicken, fish and
oils. Eating when you are very hungry increases
your chances of putting too much on your
plate. To overcome this anxiety, drink plenty of
water throughout the day, and about 400 ml
before a meal. A study pointed out by Science
Alert indicated that people who drink water
before eating lose about 2 kg more weight than
those who do not, even if both do not change
their diet.

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